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Who needs a coach? You do.

I don’t watch sports much but have noticed that all levels of athletes have coaches - from little league to professional sports.

Who needs coaching?  A better question is - Who doesn’t? 

Unlike sports, success and leadership coaching is much less about "directing" and more about "asking" powerful questions that help another person dig deeply inside themselves for the answers that are right for them.

People invest in coaching to:

  • Develop a strategic vision and direction for themselves and their professional lives.

  • Set goals and stretch themselves to achieve them.

  • Provide the accountability and support that keeps them on track.

  • Identify blind spots that get in their way.

  • Uncover their ideal career direction.

  • Navigate career and life changes.

  • Avoid stress and burnout.

  • Establish a success mindset.

Is “mindset” just more jargon? A mindset is the collection of your attitudes and beliefs that define your understanding of the world and your place within it. These attitudes and beliefs influence your thoughts, emotions, and actions. They drive the way you show up and are seen by other people.


Success/ leadership coaching supports you to achieve what matters to you?

Who needs coaches - think little league to world-class.


If you have questions about coaching, you can contact me by scheduling a discover call.

No pressure, no pitches. I’ll answer your questions.

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