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Stop Trying - Words Matter

What are you trying to do?

Have you ever noticed how a single word can change the way we perceive a statement? Take, for instance, the word "try."

It can subtly convey doubt and uncertainty.  It communicates your level of commitment.

Consider these two sentences:     

  1. I’m trying to build my business.

  2. I’m building my business.

Do you hear the difference? The first one expresses a hint of hesitation and maybe. While the second one exudes confidence and intent.

Our choice of words matters. It can impact how others perceive us and our commitment to achieving our goals. It impacts how we perceive our own goals.

So, next time you catch yourself using the word "try," pause for a moment.

Revise that sentence in your head. Say it again without the word "try."

Does it change anything?

What have you been working toward lately?

Say it like you mean it.

Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas on Unsplash

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