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Don't Write 2023 Resolutions

I know it’s January, but I urge you to avoid making resolutions. Many of us have learned over the years that January resolutions fade and disappear by February or March. This becomes muscle memory (think habit). It robs us of our power. Besides, most resolutions are about “fixing” yourself. This is a weak place to start.

Instead, sit down and create goals that propel you forward. Goals that create, not fix.

Here’s the first criteria for a successful goal. It’s beautifully described in this quote from Flying Edna:

“Her whole life shifted

The day she started to

Tell the truth about

What made her happy.”

I don’t read that as a generic “happy”, I see it as creating a life that is authentic, that speaks to you. It’s the part of you that can be heard above the din of your inner (and outer) critics. It’s the part of you that can focus and pull you forward. If your goal is from your authentic self, you’ll find a way through, over, or around obstacles. So go authentically into your future.

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