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Above the Clouds

Why the name Jetstream?

At one time, it was predictable that the flight between Tokyo to Honolulu would take 18 hours.  In 1952, Pan Am Airlines made the first commercial flight using the jet stream to fly from Tokyo to Honolulu. That one innovation cut their time by over 30%, using 16% less fuel.


Jetstream Coaching & Consulting is your strategic edge to get results faster and, often, beyond your expectations.

When predictable isn't enough to get you from where you are - to where you want to be


There's another reason. I was terrified of flying, and I wanted to see the world. Those two things were not compatible.  


I finally faced my fear and walked onto a plane where I would have to face this fear for nearly 9 hours.  I think I held my breath the entire time. But,  I landed in England for a work assignment and my life has never been the same: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, McCau (administrative region of China), Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Canada.  

So when I say "Jetstream," it reminds me that fear and excitement feel the same.


Reach the Top
Two women analyzing documents while sitting on a table in office. Woman executives at work

My Why -

I have my dream career. I realized my vision to travel the world. I’ve led teams from struggling to wildly successful. Now I have my own business. Those roads were not paved for me. I broke through the barriers with hard and honest inquiry, strategic thinking, strong tactical skills, and with the support of great coaches to navigate blocks.  I transitioned into full-time coaching to pay it forward.  

My entire career has been about designing experiences that support growth. I hate seeing people block themselves from the life and career they want.

  • Often they are stopped because of their own internal fears, uncertainties, and criticisms  

  • Sometimes, they’re uncertain about the right step forward  

  • Other times, they face real barriers and don’t see a path to success  

I know what it’s like to experience those things.  I also know, with the right coach in your corner, you can create the life and career you dream about.  I want to help you move from uncertainty to results.  


For more details on my background and credentials, check out the tab “Why This Coach?” or see my LinkedIn profile:

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