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Success * Leadership * Communication

Success Coach-

Is there a gap between where you are and where you want to be?

Are you navigating a transition or making a big change.

Maybe you're not quite sure where you're heading.  Jetstream can be your strategic edge to bridge that gap.

Working with a coach gives you the power of a dedicated partner who can help you see around corners and past the blindspots that get in your way.  

Leadership Coach and Learning Consultant-

Being a leader is more than a title.  You lead when you are willing to take responsibility for moving the action forward.:

  • You can make a significant impact on your organization and the quality of your experience at work 

  • You can make a huge difference in your community

When predictable isn't enough
to get you from where you are -
to where you want to be

What Do We Mean By Strategic Edge?

Jetstream will support you to:

  • Create clarity and develop new skills

  • Move past the underlying beliefs that hold you back from the results you want and are willing to have

  • Find new options and scale the obstacles

  • Establish structure over time to powerfully implement your plans

  • Stay resilient in the face of a world of constant change and ever increasing complexity

Is This You?

Do any of these hit home?​

  • You have an important project or goal that isn't getting off the ground

  • You want to build an engaged, resilient team and move forward

  • Your future looks predictable and you don't want to settle

  • You're playing small or putting off your goals until a better time -maybe next week

  • Coach (group and Individual)

  • Consult on your learning needs

  • Administer Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment

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Pan Am Airlines made the first commercial flight using the jet stream on November 18, 1952.  They flew from Tokyo to Honolulu, cutting their time by over one-third. Instead of the usual 18 hours, the flight took only 11.5 hours, using 16% less fuel.


Jetstream is commited to you having that same kind of edge to reach your goals faster, with less effort, and with more confidence.


Don't Take My Word For It

Linda Smith is an amazing coach. She has helped me as a business leader to fine tune my strategies by walking alongside me, asking pertinent questions, and doing some kind of magic. It is unbelievable how she can get to the heart of a matter and advise you to success with such clarity. Last year, I realized the value she would bring to my teams. I asked her to assess their consulting aptitudes and work with them several times over the course of a year to specifically enhance their skills. I simply cannot say enough good things about Linda Smith’s work. I highly recommend utilizing Jetstream service for business leadership, communication and much more.

Ruth Ellen Heaton

Director of Customer Success

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