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Airplane Wing

At Jetstream Coaching & Consulting, our name reflects a personal journey and a symbol of overcoming barriers. I chose 'Jetstream' because of a personal challenge I once faced. I dreamed of traveling the world but was held back by a fear of flying. My company offered me a work assignment in England and I decided to confront my fears head-on (after some coaching).  Stepping on that plane opened the world to me.


I am committed to empowering others to overcome their challenges and achieve their leadership aspirations. I believe that leadership is more than just a title - it's about stepping up, making a difference, and inspiring change in areas that matter to you.


As a seasoned leader, coach, and trainer, I'm here to assist your journey.

Empowering Leaders: Beyond the Title

Leadership Coaching

Dive deep into the mindsets and strategies needed to accelerate your leadership journey.


Whether you're shaping your career direction, leading a business, or taking on a personal mission - our coaching sessions are tailored to fuel your growth, and empower you to play bigger.

You can also sign up for the Energy Leadership Index (ELI). This powerful tool evaluates the way you operate. In this context, Energy is the type of actions you take and the way you come across to others. Each assessment includes a personal debrief with your coach.

Career Coaching

Realize your professional aspirations and thrive in your chosen field.  Our coaching empowers you to:

  • Uncover your ideal career direction

  • Seamlessly transition between job roles

  • Hone professional competencies

  • Effectively address challenges you face in your existing positions

  • Step out and play bigger

In addition to individual coaching, group programs are available:

  • Playing Big Book Club & Journey

  • Power Up

 Equip yourself and your team with the skills for today's ever-evolving landscape. Jetstream programs offer customized learning experiences designed to enhance performance:

  • Leadership

  • Change management

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Critical thinking

  • Coaching skills for managers

  • Instructional design

  • Building curriculums

  • Energy Leadership Index (for teams) 

Don't Take My Word For It

“Linda Smith is an amazing coach. She has helped me as a business leader to fine tune my strategies by walking alongside me, asking pertinent questions, and doing some kind of magic. It is unbelievable how she can get to the heart of a matter and advise you to success with such clarity. Last year, I realized the value she would bring to my teams. I asked her to assess their consulting aptitudes and work with them several times over the course of a year to specifically enhance their skills. I simply cannot say enough good things about Linda Smith’s work. I highly recommend utilizing Jetstream service for business leadership, communication and much more.”

Ruth Ellen Heaton

Director of Customer Success

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